Carrara 8 Pro v8.0.0.231 (x32/x64)


Carrara 8 Pro — популярный набор инструментов для создания и рендеринга 3D-моделей и подготовки качественной трехмерной анимации. Пакет содержит множество новых инструментов и возможностей для профессионалов, студентов и энтузиастов трехмерной графики, в том числе трехмерное рисование, многопроходный рендеринг и вертексное моделирование объектов с привязкой к другим объектам. Кроме обширного набора инструментов для моделирования и анимации, пакет предлагает богатые возможности экспорта созданных материалов. Модуль COLLADA Export позволяет экспортировать готовые модели и сцены для дальнейшей обработки в таких программах, как DAZ Studio и Adobe Photoshop.Carrara 8 Pro обладает целым набором специфических нововведений и усовершенствований. Профессиональная версия продукта предлагает поддержку 64-битных систем Mac и Windows. А библиотека Bullet Physics Library обеспечит возможность более реалистичного моделирования физических свойств мягких и твердых тел. В распоряжении пользователей окажутся модифицированные средства моделирования освещения и более совершенные инструменты для создания любопытных эффектов и управления направленным светом, такие как God Rays и Barn Door. По многочисленным просьбам пользователей производитель также включил в состав пакета приложение Puppeteer, упрощающего создание трехмерных персонажей с реалистичной анимацией. Еще одним востребованным нововведением является расширенная поддержка сетевого рендеринга.
Список усовершенствований, реализованных в версии Carrara 8, включает в себя возросшую на 200% производительность рендеринга сложных сцен, расширенную поддержку форматов данных FBX и COLLADA, а также поддержку многопоточности для систем Mac и Windows, которая поможет сократить нагрузку на центральный процессор при выполнении ресурсоемких вычислений. Пользователи, знакомые с предыдущими версиями, оценят расширенные возможности моделирования растительности. В том числе Carrara 8 позволит использовать изготовленные на заказ модели и текстуры для создания уникальных листьев, цветов и фруктов.

Release include:
Carrara 8 NativeContent
Carrara 8 Pro-Render Node

• NEW in PRO — 64-bit for MAC and WIN OS — Work faster and smarter as you take full advantage of your computers 64-bit hardware.
• NEW in Pro — Bullet Physics Library — Create and edit rigid and soft-bodies for realistic and exciting animations. Enjoy a robust particle system, collision detection and a remarkably fast rigid-body physics engine.
• NEW in Pro — Network Render Optimizations — Enjoy greater control over your render farm as you easily add and remove nodes via your master machine. Render frames or buckets as you choose for greater safeguarding against lost render data. Get GRID for even more power!
• NEW in Pro — Negative Lights and Photometrics — Now you can work with negative lights and photometrics (IES) for even greater control over your lighting.
• NEW in Pro — Editing of Posed Meshes — Now you can do important clean-up and detail work on your conforming objects while the model is posed or conformed so you can see the results as you work. Morph Creation allows you to utilize Carrara\’s great modeling tools to make your own custom morph targets and easily save them as a parameter slider within your existing figure.
• NEW Multi-Threading for MAC and WIN OS — Spread the load on your CPU intensive calculations.
• NEW Improved FBX and COLLADA Data Exchange — Take rigged and animated models straight into your favorite game engines, like UnityTM, and see how rich your experience can be with your own, or any of DAZ 3D\’s existing content options. Also, import from a variety of popular formats and/or export your work to and from other packages including LightWave, Adobe After Effects, 3DS, LWO, PSD, and more.
• NEW Plant & Vegetation Improvements — Add custom models and textures for unique leaves, flowers, fruit and more. You can also use a variety of different leaf objects per plant for natural variation.
• NEW Render Time Optimizations — Get more than 200%* improvement in performance when rendering complex scenes using your high-end MAC or Windows system.
• NEW God Rays and Barn Doors — Harness the creative force of god rays and the control of barn doors as you design superior lighting for your scenes. The Light Lab also features robust control over lighting direction, intensity, and tinting from one or more sources to ensure a more accurate production of real-world environments.
• NEW Normal Maps — View normal maps both in real-time display and at rendertime.
• NEW Puppeteer for Carrara — You asked for it, and you got it. Introducing Puppeteer for Carrara. This tool contains everything as seen in DAZ Studio and has been fully integrated for use with any Carrara animation project.
• 3D Paint and UV Editing/Unfolding — 3D Paint Tool that enables textures to be selected, edited and \»painted\» directly onto an object. Also a new UV Editor that shows a 3D view of the polygon mesh, a 2D display of the UV values on the polygon mesh vertices, and a set of tools to manipulate them.
• Rendering Options — Achieve a new level of realism in your scenes with Soft Shadows, Blurred Reflections, Blurred Transmission, True Ambient Lighting, Caustics, Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, HDRI, Motion Blur, Subsurface Scattering, Shadow Catch, Transparency with Absorption, Depth of Field, and more. And, with Multi-Pass Rendering you can retouch or edit images without having to re-render.
• Vertex and Symmetrical Modeling — Streamline the modeling process in both the \»Modeling\» and \»Assembly\» rooms. Ideal for creating and editing anything from characters to vehicles and more. This feature allows users to edit both sides of a symmetrical object at the same time.
• Figure Content LOD Support — Includes support for Content Figures that have multiple Levels of Detail (LOD).
• Non-Linear Animation Track Groups — Using Carrara for creating animations? This merge track tool will provide an improved interface to create groups of tracks then collapse or expand the tracks in those groups.
• Animation and Web Capabilities — Create Web animations, generate thumbnail images, preview them in storyboard format, and create virtual tours using QuickTime.
• Dynamic Hair — With the Dynamic Hair and fur modeling/simulation feature, you can paint, cut, brush and shade hair to bring your images to realistic life — and do it with the greatest of ease.
• Image-Editing Tools — Import 2D images from a variety of formats, transform them into 3D objects, then incorporate them into your scenes.
• Landscape Creation and Presets with the Landscap Wizard — Quickly and easily produce remarkably realistic landscapes, impressive fantasy worlds, and other dynamic scenes. Also included are presets for terrains, waters, skies, rocks, clouds, fog, and more.
• Intuitive User Interface — Take advantage of handy palettes to create and edit objects, design scenes and render final images quickly and easily.
• Texture Editor — Easily import, create and edit texture presets, then save them as new textures for future use.
• Displacement Modeling — You can paint detail on a model with the greatest of ease — using free-form brush tools — almost as if you were modeling with clay.
• Ocean Primitive — Simulating the surface of the ocean, this feature can be used to create both still and animated oceans. You will be able to control the waves, plus the speed and direction of the wind.

Год выхода: 2010
Платформа: Windows® XP/Vista/ 7
Язык Интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 302 mb — X32, 318 mb — X64
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Carrara 8 Pro v8.0.0.231 (x32/x64)



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